Student loan repayment is about to enter UNCHARTERED TERRITORY. ALL borrowers will exit COVID forbearance simultaneously, and experts PREDICT DELINQUENT RATES COULD REACH 70% OR HIGHER.

Protect your school’s future title IV funding by partnering with the Champion of default prevention to develop a robust, proactive post-COVID strategy.


Recovery Rate

Champion has one of the highest recovery rates in the default prevention industry.


Delinquent Rate

Our skip-tracing methods have consistently achieved low delinquent rates.


Rate Reduction

Historically, we’ve dropped delinquent rates over 50% six months after taking over a portfolio.


Years Experience

Trusted industry leader implementing strategies to cut default rates since 1989.

Analyze the differences!

Our competitor’s strategy is to “put out fires” with calls to delinquent borrowers to recommend a short-term deferment/forbearance fix and does not speak with the borrower again unless they become delinquent.

Champion is NOT a forbearance mill. We reach out to borrowers before deferment/forbearance status ends to help them determine if they can resume payments or should continue with deferment/forbearance. Champion’s approach keeps borrowers from falling delinquent again and encourages borrowers to manage their loans better. In post-COVID default management, our tried and true proactive approach will make a huge difference with your school’s CDRs.

Champion will work with YOUR student loan portfolio and budget to develop your proactive post-COVID winning strategy.

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