COVID Response Insights from Champion

It is no stretch to say that COVID-19 has impacted every industry, and higher education is no exception. The following helpful articles can help your school consider important points to help you get back on track in 2021.


When the COVID Forbearance Ends, the Delinquent Rates Could Hit 70%

If the U.S. government grants no additional extensions, in January 2021, student loan repayment will enter unchartered territory. What will happen when ALL borrowers exit COVID forbearance simultaneously, and payments will resume? History can provide us with clues…

Contacting Student Loan Borrowers During the CARES Act Forbearance Is Critical

Social distancing is necessary, but no contact with student loan borrowers during the pandemic is not the best plan. The CARES Act pause has lulled many schools into a false sense of security about borrower defaults. The big question is what will happen when forbearance ends…

5 Reasons to Engage with Borrowers About Their Student Loans During COVID

The CARES Act pause has given many school administrators a false sense of security with what seems to be a logical conclusion—why worry about default rates when no payments are due? Truthfully, you SHOULD worry and prepare now for a surge in defaults when payments resume…

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