We ♥ Helping Students!

“…I wanted to let you know she is doing an absolute wonderful job, and was able to answer my questions very, very easily, thoughtfully, and completely. I know that the job is pretty simple; it’s us that makes everything very difficult for you guys because we don’t know what is going on, even though we should. So I just wanted to let you know that she is doing a wonderful job walking me through everything. She got everything done and answered all my questions. Ten out of Ten.” —Phillip

“Thank you very much for being so kind and understanding. I never thought dealing with a student loan could be so easy. Thanks again.” —Lea

“I would like to thank you for contacting me in regards to my student loans…I had thought that my student loans were already in default. I am very relieved that they are not because they’re very important to me. Thank you very much!”—M. Liberatz

“Thank you so much for the reminders. They are a great help.”—B. Whittaker

“Thank you so much. You made my day by letting me know there were options.”—T. Smith

“I just wanted to say, thank you again for making sure I got these papers in time before it was too late…Thank God for people like you!” – M. Gipson

“I am writing to say ‘Thank You.’ I received your letter regarding my school loan and my payments…Again, Thank You So Much for your concern and if for any reason I need any question answered, I will give you guys a call.”—A. Medrano

“You kindly helped me defer my school loan due to my illness… Thank you so much for your help.”—A. Rios

“I’m just writing to say thank you for the second chance… I apologize for failure to contact you—I thought I could handle it. Thank you again!”—A. Billingsten

“Do you really know how proud I am that I was able to get the help that I needed to get where I want to go?”—S. Eckles

“Thank you for help in this matter, I am very appreciative of your efforts in aiding my financial dilemma.”—Y. Buckley

“Thank you so much for your phone call and all your help.”—L. McGavin

“Thank you for all of the help you have done for me.”—S. McBride

Attention Students!

If Champion has called, emailed, or sent a letter to you, please contact us. We have contacted you to provide you with helpful, time-sensitive information, and we need to speak with you right away.

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