Need Help with Your Student Loans?

Check Out Champion!

Since 1989, Champion has helped millions of students understand the complicated options for student loan repayment.

What do we do?

  1. We listen, ask the great questions and then help students choose the repayment plan that best fits that individual’s situation.
  2. We help students complete the proper forms for delaying or reducing payments.
  3. We initiate conference calls with loan servicers to ensure that all questions are clearly answered and each step is completed properly.

You know what we NEVER do? Champion companies never collect payments or consolidate your loans, and we NEVER make a dime or receive a kickback off YOUR loans. Champion College Services has experts who are passionate about educating people to understand student loan rights, responsibilities, and processes to stay out of trouble and build good credit. Traditionally, schools have hired us to help their students but, now, through our new subscription-based program, you can get access to our experts and our tools.

We are super proud to offer our subscription program at, which includes:

  1. The Empowerment Library
    Subscribers receive access to our library of resources including life skills courses, ebooks, videos, tutorials, and articles that empower people to become financially self-sufficient and confident!
  2. Student Loan Repayment Mentoring
    Champion ColEDGE Solutions experts help our subscribers deal with student loan repayment troubleshooting, delinquencies, complications or understanding repayment options.