Champion College Services

As a respected advocate for higher education since 1989, Champion understands the value of preserving positive supportive relationships between students and their educational institutions.

Our Default Is Lame borrower awareness resources are designed to evoke emotions that drive borrower behaviors to achieve successful student loan repayment. Our resources include awareness posters, business cards, printed borrower-ed handouts, online courses, articles, and ebooks. Each of these strategically developed tools empowers students and combines wonderfully with advances in software and reporting. Our time-proven default prevention strategies and our core resources have delivered quality results for schools since 1989.

After three decades of service to over 3 million students,  we launched our subscription program at Subscribers receive a package of benefits including:

  1. Affordable tools for financial and life skills building
  2. A large variety of grants, loans, and scholarship programs
  3. Career and financial skill-building resources
  4. Connect with Champion’s student loan experts for help to deal with troubleshooting, delinquencies, complications or repayment options for your student loans

Our expert customer service representatives consistently reach students at crucial moments in their student loan lifecycle and provide highly individualized mentoring for students to make wise financial choices. Champion College Services, INC. is not a collection agency and does not collect money or charge fees. Champion is well-recognized and trusted as a student loan repayment expert that has provided a FREE service to students.

From our inception through today, the schools Champion has partnered with consistently enjoy a deeper and more holistic understanding of default prevention, the exceptional CDR rates we’ve worked together to achieve, and the positive impact that we have on student lives.

What Students Say

“Thank you very much for being so kind and understanding. I never thought dealing with a student loan could be so easy. Thanks again.” —Lea