Can you afford to lose your Title IV Funding?

Over 3 million student loan borrowers
36+ years default prevention expertise

Champion PREVENTS Defaults by Working with Students BEFORE They Get Into Trouble!

Defaults can be like an out-of-control wildfire to your school. If you wait to react AFTER students are delinquent (like our competitors) that "fire" will have a devastating effect on your school.

What Makes Champion Your BEST Solution?



Champion builds working relationships with borrowers and identifies solutions for long-term financial success that supports lower cohort default rates for schools.



Champion recruits its team using character-based criteria to ensure integrity, accuracy, and quality performance and results for school clients and student customers.




Champion fundamentally believes in empowering schools and borrowers with tools that support current results and strategies for access to education for future generations.

Prevention is the key!

Champion reaches students at critical points during the student loan repayment cycle—not just delinquent borrowers. For 30 years, our program has consistently prevented, lowered, and controlled default rates.

Many companies have attempted to emulate Champion’s highly successful programs BUT DON’T GET BURNED! Those companies may APPEAR to be less expensive until you consider all the extra fees…

Analyze the differences!

Our competitors try to put out fires with calls to delinquent borrowers to recommend a short-term deferment/forbearance fix and does not speak with the borrower again unless they become delinquent.

Champion reaches out to borrowers before deferment/forbearance status ends to help them determine if they can resume payments or should continue with deferment/forbearance. Champion’s approach keeps borrowers from falling delinquent again and encourages borrowers to better manage their loans.

Champion PREVENTS Defaults

  • Champion offers an uncomplicated, predictable flat-rate fee structure
  • Preventative calls to reach and educate students at critical points during the loan repayment cycle
  • We provide financial literacy benefits and our competitors offer no financial tools to student

RESULTS If Champion prepares your students with financial literacy resources and phone mentoring while your students are in Grace and attending your school, the result is your CDRs will be MUCH lower.

Our Competitors REACT to Defaults

  • Unpredictable expenses and recovery fees will cost you thousands of dollars

  • Reacts when delinquent status occurs and then calls

  • Delinquent servicing can cost 20-30% MORE than Champion’s preventative servicing

RESULTS If the outreach is only to delinquent students and does not include late-stage delinquent students, your CDRs will rise tremendously and put your school at risk of losing Title IV Funding.

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