From the Desk of Mary Lyn Hammer

What exactly does Mary Lyn Hammer’s “Retirement”  mean?

November 21, 2019

Hello, everyone!

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about this so I decided to write a letter to explain what my “retirement” means…

  • No, nothing has happened and I still can’t sit still!
  • Yes, I’d go crazy doing “nothing”
  • No, I’m not selling the company although my top executives have earned some stock certificates
  • Yes, I have been planning to retire for quite some time but I will still be involved in the business at a high-level – I just won’t be a “road warrior” traveling constantly and attending all of the conferences

Most importantly, YES, I still love you all and love this business! My daughter has gone off to college. Not to mention that I just turned 58 years old! This has been an amazing journey over the last 32 years and I have met the most wonderful loving people who I consider family. We have been together through good and bad times and I cherish every moment! I am so grateful for all of you, and for the memories that we have shared.

Over the last few years, my management team and I have taken a journey both individually and collectively in personal development that has empowered the team to prepare and gather knowledge and experience to transition operations of the company to the management team with my oversight at a high level. This has included PSI Seminars Basic, Life Success and Men’s/Women’s Leadership training as well as this year’s “Level Up” training. It has also included Tony Robbins training through Unleash the Power Within, Business Mastery, and Business Results Training. Additionally, our entire staff has participated in the PSI Seminars Basic Workshop. The results are quite remarkable and our team is strong and works so well together!

Cheryl Kesson has been our General Manager for the last year and has been with Champion for 15 years. She has worked in every position (like I have) except for IT so she understands the business well and is amazing in her knowledge and capabilities for managing operations and client relations.

In addition to Cheryl’s 15 years with Champion, our other highly qualified managers include:

  • John White, Sales Manager, 6 years with Champion
  • Trish White, IT Manager, 13 years with Champion
  • Ja-lene Clark, Marketing and Creative Director, 10 years with Champion
  • CeCe Keeto, Education and Training Manager, 2 years with Champion with 31 years of industry experience
  • Sandy Watt, Executive Assistant, 8 years with Champion

As many of you know, my passion has always been about the kids. I am focusing my time in the future on the following projects that will feed my soul:

  1. Develop more life skills resources for Champion Empowerment Institute
  2. Expand financial literacy and life skills training to high schools and middle schools
  3. Develop character building, accountability, and personal development curriculum for younger kids (kindergarten through high school) to prevent bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, self-harm, and suicide and to create healthy relationships and community cohesiveness
  4. Build “Camp Champion” in Montana where the curriculum will be taught through experiential learning

I hope this helps answer your questions and eases any concerns that you have. If you have any questions, please, email me through Cheryl at since I’m still traveling through this year.

With love, blessings

Mary Lyn Hammer